The Graeme Watkins Project & Jesse Clegg

SATURDAY 25 June 2011 – River Deck

Jozi was dishing out the frostiest weekend of the year, and I thought dancing to some seriously cool, live tunes would warm me up. I picked up my friend Mari, and we braved the night kitted with 7 layers of clothes each. (Mari made me promise that I would not go into too much apparel detail)

The Graeme Watkins Project (GWP)


I had heard a song or two on the radio by GWP, and I think their “Music Affair” video, is the seriously hawt – It looks a little like Panic at the Disco, but sounds a little like Franz Ferdinand. They’re definitely doing something haven’t tried locally, and I love it. Graeme, runner-up of SA Idols Season 5 in 2009, had a supremely cool stage presence. It takes a special kind of strange to warm up a cold room like that. He was rocking it. The band consists of 3 phenomenal musicians: Ryno Zeelie – Lead Guitar (Turns out we went to school together), Rudo Pieterse – Bass and Matthew Marinus – drums.

*Watch this [               ] – these d00ds are going places!

Jesse Clegg turned out to be way more rocky than I expected. I’ve never seen anyone have that much fun on a stage. I was surprised by two things. The first being a cover of “Sinnerman” by Nina Simone. It was really cool. The second, he is only 23. He is young,  talented, and looking so comfortable with all of it. *respect

Both these bands are heating up venues all over Johannesburg this coming month. Layer up, and go see them!


WoW… really?

I played about World of Warcraft for a good 7 hours or so, the other day. I’ve got a human, level 12 Mage, and I’m bored already. I don’t like the fact that you never win / or it never really ends. It’s like immortality – kinda defeats what makes life so precious and beautiful. You lose yourself in hours of online playing and all you have to show for it is a level 70 Paladin/Mage/Warlock/Whatever with magic or minions and a few “rare” cyber “artifacts”. And the fact that you can’t manually “up” your own strength/stamina/mana/abilities is retarded.

As a girl, I get how the level 30 apparel should appeal, I mean have you seen some of those enchanted boots!? Still, I just can not see myself slashing the same “rodents, bugs, crabs or leather-wearing-hairy-club-swingin’ bad asses” for more than a day. PvP you say? Errr No, I’m not about to have my fashionably-challenged-mage pwned by some WoW obsessed 40-year old weirdo – I’m not going to end 10 level 1 n00bs to make me feel better either.

I like RPGs… I guess I am just not built for immortality… I choose life.

Lunar Eclipse Photos 15 June 2011

Lunar Eclipse 15 June 2011 © Inge Malan (My Moon My Man - Feist)

Total Lunar Eclipse Photos (15 June 2011 – Johannesburg) ©-Inge Malan (My Moon My Man – Feist)

Top 10: Striptease Songs

#Pole dancing classes are the latest fitness fad, and my friends are quickly trading in their nervous giggles, for “I’d give it a shot.” Somehow the majority of woman have been brainwashed to think pole dancing is as good for your core muscles, as “The Grand’s” head chef. Hell, even my super-curiosity has me asking a few questions, like:

  1. What does one wear – Is it possible to keep your teeth, AND hang upside-down, whilst wearing hotsauce stockings?
  2. Do you get to pick your own music – What music would I pick?

Obviously lame-ass tv stripcheese like: “Leave your hat on”, “You Sexy Thing”, “Toxic” or any Britney song for that matter, would be an instant Error 403.

Miss Fits Top 10 hotlist to follow:

Think I’ve missed a saucy song? Feel free to comment. 😉

The Naked and Famous is awesomesauce!

The Naked and Famous

New Zealand has been musically mute for a little more than a decade. They have not managed to top a chart in their own country for 16 years. They have flipped 180 degrees by birthing a rediculously cool quintet called The Naked and Famous. Their first studio album, “Passive Me, Aggressive You”, was released 6 September 2010 and I’ve literally spent days listening to it.

The Naked and Famous members (For lack of a better word) are:
David Beadle, Thom Powers, Aaron Short, Jesse Wood, Alisa Xayalith

The Naked and Famous’ record collections would appear to include The xxesque guy-girl harmonies, the shoegaze sounds of  Slowdive, the synth-popness straight from the 80’s like MGMT / Imogen Heap, and the distorted electronica of Chemical Brothers. Bubble bubble toil and trouble, sounds like a disasterous musical concoction of sonic rubble. No siree! It’s magic.

Fesignerds highest ranking tracks:
No way | Punching in a dream | The sun | Girls like you | Young blood | All of this

The Naked and Famous is awesomesauce! Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Durex advert

I was complimented on my daughter’s beautiful photos on Facebook today. I was told that she looks like she loves the camera, and that every pose looked so cute and picture perfect.

I felt three things:

  1. Obviously supremely proud that my offspring managed a compliment. She feels like an extension of me, so it feels like I just got a compliment.
  2. It’s never the child that ‘loves the camera’ – It’s the patient mother that loves taking photos. Believe me when I say I post approximately one out of ten photos.
  3. People without kids get lied to by society – and we as parents should stop lying, especially to the *women.

*I feel men might be more logical and less emotional, and should consequently care less about society’s lies.

We as parents should sign a declaration, that we will stop selling the idea of parenthood as a blissful, easy and a beautifully sunny journey. We will stop infiltrating the childless market with mind controlling cute baby spam. Anne Geddes should be arrested, and sent to Alcatraz. It should be called: The childless protection act.

As a mother of a two year old, Facebook should see a large portion of this:

  1. The Bodyslam – Tantrum: Back arched, blue faced, inconsolable collapse with HEAPS of noise.
  2. The Poo Picasso – The great discovery that they can paint everything/anything with their own poop.
  3. The Fob – Fake sobbing for not getting what they want, when they wanted it. The stuff that wins Oscars.
  4. The Boogerface – Ooo this one is a constant in winter. Pantones vary from 458C to 382C
  5. The Decorator – Your house looks toddlerized – Stepping on squeaky toys actually happens IRL.
  6. The Foodfight – They chuck food everywhere except into their mouths.

[Feel free to add anything I’ve missed.]

I think Durex can make an ad campaign out of this…

Bucket (-B)(+F) list

Bucket list / To-do-list before I kick the bucket, in random order:

1.)Achieve an ideal weight
2.)Go skiing
3.)Be a mentor to someone
4.)Listen to Sigur Rós while Scuba diving
5.)Learn to play an instrument – preferably stand up bass
6.)Win a National Geographic photo competition
7.)See the Northern lights
8.)Do a Eurotrip
9.)Be on Forbes list of billionares
10.)See snow
11.)Watch cherry blossoms in Japan
12.)Fly first class
13.)Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
14.)Ryan Reynolds / Josh Hartnett / Jensen Ackles / Jared Leto
15.)Scuba dive with a whale shark
16.)Civilian space travel
17.)Buy/Own an Island
18.)Climb a mountain
19.)Do my advanced scuba diving course
20.)Write a blog book

Did I miss anything?