Bucket (-B)(+F) list

Bucket list / To-do-list before I kick the bucket, in random order:

1.)Achieve an ideal weight
2.)Go skiing
3.)Be a mentor to someone
4.)Listen to Sigur Rós while Scuba diving
5.)Learn to play an instrument – preferably stand up bass
6.)Win a National Geographic photo competition
7.)See the Northern lights
8.)Do a Eurotrip
9.)Be on Forbes list of billionares
10.)See snow
11.)Watch cherry blossoms in Japan
12.)Fly first class
13.)Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
14.)Ryan Reynolds / Josh Hartnett / Jensen Ackles / Jared Leto
15.)Scuba dive with a whale shark
16.)Civilian space travel
17.)Buy/Own an Island
18.)Climb a mountain
19.)Do my advanced scuba diving course
20.)Write a blog book

Did I miss anything?


4 thoughts on “Bucket (-B)(+F) list

  1. Miss Fit says:

    People, who I believe have a fair amount of logic, have advised me against scuba diving during sardine run. It’s still pending though. 😉

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