Top 10: Striptease Songs

#Pole dancing classes are the latest fitness fad, and my friends are quickly trading in their nervous giggles, for “I’d give it a shot.” Somehow the majority of woman have been brainwashed to think pole dancing is as good for your core muscles, as “The Grand’s” head chef. Hell, even my super-curiosity has me asking a few questions, like:

  1. What does one wear – Is it possible to keep your teeth, AND hang upside-down, whilst wearing hotsauce stockings?
  2. Do you get to pick your own music – What music would I pick?

Obviously lame-ass tv stripcheese like: “Leave your hat on”, “You Sexy Thing”, “Toxic” or any Britney song for that matter, would be an instant Error 403.

Miss Fits Top 10 hotlist to follow:

Think I’ve missed a saucy song? Feel free to comment. 😉


8 thoughts on “Top 10: Striptease Songs

  1. BB says:

    Well as I see it strip means bare it all so: “Take ur hat off!” hehe
    I must admit I wouldn’t mind giving it a trail run or should I say slide seeing that the sport mostly involves a pole:) But i would like to keep my teeth and not wear the hotsause nets, they’ll prob make you stick to the pole and cause you to loose a tooth!
    Just a brain fart for the day:)

  2. tcjacks says:

    Maybe if I had a body like the girl in the picture I would consider it, but for now the image of myself swinging around a pole has a definite resemblance to Dumbo or Flubber. It might even have detrimental effects on my marriage.

    • missfitss says:

      Hence the bouquet of slow songs – We don’t want our fast movements to cause exponential, orbit altering, wobbly-bit oscillation. Perhaps the girl in the picture, pole-danced her way to the perfect body. Or Photoshop did it?

  3. RV says:

    So here’s my 3 favorites, in no particular order:
    Prodigy – Firestarter
    Prince – Cream
    Muse – Hysteria

    Mmmm, brings back fond memories

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