WoW… really?

I played about World of Warcraft for a good 7 hours or so, the other day. I’ve got a human, level 12 Mage, and I’m bored already. I don’t like the fact that you never win / or it never really ends. It’s like immortality – kinda defeats what makes life so precious and beautiful. You lose yourself in hours of online playing and all you have to show for it is a level 70 Paladin/Mage/Warlock/Whatever with magic or minions and a few “rare” cyber “artifacts”. And the fact that you can’t manually “up” your own strength/stamina/mana/abilities is retarded.

As a girl, I get how the level 30 apparel should appeal, I mean have you seen some of those enchanted boots!? Still, I just can not see myself slashing the same “rodents, bugs, crabs or leather-wearing-hairy-club-swingin’ bad asses” for more than a day. PvP you say? Errr No, I’m not about to have my fashionably-challenged-mage pwned by some WoW obsessed 40-year old weirdo – I’m not going to end 10 level 1 n00bs to make me feel better either.

I like RPGs… I guess I am just not built for immortality… I choose life.


7 thoughts on “WoW… really?

  1. Corene says:

    I wish everyone had the same felling towards this but there are 40 year old weirdo’s still staying with mommy and no job no friends and just live for WOW… This is a game that takes everything from you! And it will never end.

    They say that 28% of Divorces in America is due to WOW!!!
    Ask me I know all about WOW and it is evil evil…

  2. r4 says:

    I think, at level 12, it might be a *tad* early to pass judgement on – possibly the best game ever developed – nor have you experienced any of the social aspects of the game at all either šŸ˜›

    With over 12 million players I’m sure you do get people from all walks of life. Generalization of the WoW populace as “40 year old weirdo..bla bla” is kinda baseless I guess. Some of the friends I often play with have saved a few lives in the ER this week, pilots Boeing’s, cooks in expensive restaurants, does your tax, plays in your soapies, runs your banks, etc… The game caters to such a vast net of players – from ‘total nub’ that plays 1hour a week, to the ‘uber geek’ that might play 6 hours a day – how much you decide to spend playing is up to you. Replace your TV time with WoW time = win! šŸ˜›

    Technically, the game does follow a few different rules when you compare it to a traditional RPG. You still get to spend stuff like talent points, train new abilities etc. In the most recent expansion they revamped the almost 5 year old leveling experience – and tbh, it’s awesome now compared to how it used to be. Go roll a goblin warrior if I can give you a tip (if you are truly serious about giving WoW a unbiased go). The goal is not to have ‘something to show for it’ – the account stays property of Blizzard, you can’t even sell it – the point is to immerse yourself in the World millions of Blizzard man hours created for you – AND HAVE FUN!

    • missfitss says:

      Shoot, I have hit a nerve ā€“ I sincerely apologize for not feeling half as passionate about a game, as you do. With over 1.4 million meth users in America from all walks of life, Iā€™m clearly missing out on more than one life consuming fad/addiction.

      Please note how this is purely my opinion on the matter, and that at no stage I bash the quality of the game. I gave my fictional PvP opponent some colour, by calling him a 40 year old weirdo. At no stage did I want to generalize, and make anyone feel like less of a tribute to society.

      Please understand that it is not you as a person, or the game being judged. It is me making a choice. I choose to fill my day with other activities/hobbies/responsibilities. I choose to build my real life character. šŸ˜‰

  3. r4 says:


    Being a WoW player, you tend to get ragged, A LOT. ***DISCLAIMER*** No nerves were harmed during production of your post ***/DISCLAIMER***
    – you develop a thick skin pretty quickly šŸ˜›

    My point was just – you cannot pick up a game and barely play it through the tutorial – and pass a factual, and insightful judgement. The post came across as a quick review of sorts.

    Yes the(any) game CAN be a HUGE time sink. Yes you can compare it to an addiction. But again – it’s like making the general statement “all people that watch television are consumed by it, and are wasting away their lives… Get a life!!” šŸ˜‰

    Some hobbies are more equal than others I guess…

    • missfitss says:

      Most sports have their injuries, agreed. Ragging was not my intention. All reviews are opinions however, and if you are going to base any decision/feelings on what other people think, you are bound to get burnt.

      Obviously I didn’t base my opinion purely on 5 seconds of game play. I have geeky addict friends with giant palettes of characters all over WoW.

      I’m not a n00b when it comes to online addiction. I was a serious IRC addict about 13/14 years ago. Starting my own #’s, building bots and booting and kicking whom ever I didn’t like. It all had me feeling god-like. I’m sure having a solid WoW character have people feeling the same.

      All this irrelevant to the post however. This is not about the game. It’s not about the players. It is not about addiction. Call me narcissistic but, it is all about me. It’s about me not liking the gameplay. It’s about me finding it repetitive and boring. It’s about me choosing life.

  4. Corene says:

    Right on Missfitss… Always thought I was the one not understanding the hole WOW thing…

  5. Corene says:

    Now i also want to know something else… As you say r4 that this is only a hobby right? what is the healthy hourly time to spend on a hobby?

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