Moulding a metro-man

d00d with w00l = dr00l

I’m fascinated by the human mating game. We take something so very simple and complicate the shit out of it. I have not been playing this game for about 9 years, but I’ve been watching my singletonian friends. Sometimes you see a few things from the sidelines, that you don’t see while you’re playing the game. I blame us women. We never know what we want, until we know what we don’t want. To make things a bit easier for the guys, I asked the ladies some physical appearance questions:

“What makes you look twice?”
#1) He should be funny.
#2) He should be tall, dark and handsome.
#3) He should have kind eyes.
#4) He should be rich with a sports car.
#5) He should have a hot smile.
#6) He should be confident.
#7) He should be an asshole.
#8) He should like kids.
#9) He should be smart.
#10) He should have large shoulders.

Obviously these answers were not helping anyone. 80% of these answers were relying on genes. It seems the ladies were trying to think like men… So I edited the question a little:

“What makes you look twice? – It has to be something you can physically touch or buy”
#1) Cologne – 90% of the girls raved about guys that smell nice. (“Do less” though)
#2) Muscles/Guns – Apparently you can ‘buy’ those at a gym.
#3) Short clean nails / clean, nice hands.
#4) Clean nice shoes.
#5) Tight Jeans – Assets Assets Assets.
#6) Musicians – Any instrument will do.
#7) Tattoos / Piercings.
#8) A Hoody / The “Dear John” effect.
#9) Airplane tickets – cause a beach makes men look better.
#10) A tight shirt.

Obviously clean, and smelling like it, is where it’s at for me too… but my red kryptonite would be knitwear. When a man wears a sweater/jersey, wool against skin. *sigh* There is just something about a rugged man in soft wool that make me go a little gaga. Doods in wool, makes me drool. 😉

Girls did I miss anything important?


8 thoughts on “Moulding a metro-man

  1. Corene says:

    LOL Love this one Missfitt…

    I guy in knittedwear is like Strawberries dipped in chocolate… Love a guy with a good sence for Fashion. lol guy have to wear Jockey underwear just something about that that is a must lol!!!

    I love a guy with no hair like no hair…LOL

  2. Bianca says:

    I must say I wouldn’t mind a guy in a bow tie (only) but the muscles must big and bold!!! Now that would be a treat hmmmm:)

    • missfitss says:

      Muscles seem to be a hit…

      I prefer normal looking guys. I like brainy, ambitious guys. I think I might have stereo-profiled beefcakes to be stupid.

  3. I am struggling to think of something you can physically touch or buy….

    I can relate to the Musicians one, but for me it’s not about the instrument, it’s about the voice, a deep voice makes me go weak at the knees. – Can’t buy that though…

    Dress sense… Well I like a well dressed man, but the clothes need to fit his personality. No use having a business man dressed like a skateboarder.. He just looks wrong in his own skin.

    I think I am at the age where I look at what the guy has done with what has been given to him rather than what he is doing.. A guy at the age of 30 that is still living with his parents and don’t own a car and has no intension to create a life for himself and has no ambition to succeed in his passion (work or hobby) just won’t get a second look from me…

    • missfitss says:

      Yes, I like brainy boys. I like someone that can challenge me, because I’m competitive. I like independent, ambitious, driven, awesomesauce men… But this post was more to help Joe average “up” his metroness. This was more to let them know: “They better smell nice!”

  4. tcjacks says:

    How true that we never know what we want, but can easily pinpoint exactly what we don’t like. I would add a housekeeper to the list, nothing more inviting than a guy that wears clean (smelling & looking) clothes and a clean organized living space, although this could be a major mommies-boy red alert.

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