The Tale of an Epic Fail

It was a cold winter afternoon. ‘The Boss’ visited the design studio and left his water bottle on my desk – This was not the first time. I decided to hold the bottle ransom. I calculated that it would be worth a fair amount of media…
I suddenly remembered that I had some clear gelatine at home, and giggled evilly. I imagined ‘The Boss’ trying to take a sip from his solid water. Yes this would be better than holding the bottle ransom.
home mix
I switched on the kettle, quoted a bit of Macbeth: “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble”, and concocted my evil gelatine potion. I crossed my fingers that I got the quantities exactly right, for the perfect wobbly consistency. It had to look like solid water. In the morning, I rushed to the fridge to find my super evil plan did not go exactly as planned.
solid junk
k=junk 2
When I got to work I washed the bottle, and decided to confess, in the hope that my good deeds would get me some media.

Technically, I saved ‘The Boss’ bottle. Right? And I washed it…


2 thoughts on “The Tale of an Epic Fail

    • missfitss says:

      I think I should leave this one in the archive. I am curious about your list of gelatine-possibilities however?

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