Brandwars: Sheep vs Sheep

Sheep vs Sheep

To judge anything, one should be impartial, your decision should purely be based on objective criteria, right? Not really… Impartiality has zero impact on the average consumer of today. The average consumer aspires to be a sheep. They want to follow products blindly. They base every feeling purely on reviews, hear-say, price and brand popularity. And with millions of competitively priced products just a click away, you have to work smart, not hard. So basing retail decisions on reviews, hear-say etc. makes 100% sense.

What GRINDS me, is the sheep who follow brands blindly. They slander the competition and take part in ANY ‘My-Brand’ vs ‘Your-Brand’ conversation they can find:

  1. FB vs G+
  2. Apple vs PC
  3. OSX vs Windows vs Linux
  4. Adobe vs Macromedia vs Corel vs GIMP
  5. Canon vs Nikon
  6. BMW vs Mercedes
  7. Mares vs Tusa
    The list goes on…

Your product opinion should be based on the UX. So if you love your Android, because it does everything you want it to do – GREAT – Don’t diss my iPhone and call me a “Fanboy” because the internet told you to.

Tips for the opinionated/argumentative/competitive bunch out there:

  1. Review the latest version of the product that you dislike.
  2. Be impartial.
  3. Respect the rainbow array of users out there. What works for you, does not necessarily work for everyone else.
  4. Remember: User + Product = Result. Always consider the optimal result for the user in question – Perhaps that little thing that peeves you, has some function or works better for other users.

Next time someone mentions a product/brand that you’ve never used before, think before you go: “BAAAaaaaaaaaahahaaaaaah!”


10 thoughts on “Brandwars: Sheep vs Sheep

  1. Bianca says:

    You said it! Having an opinion is good it makes you, you but there is no need to enforce your opinion onto others!

  2. r4 says:

    Don’t force your opinion about people’s opinionating onto others!!11one

    Baaaaaaahhhh! 😛

  3. r4 says:

    Remembered a joke while thinking about this, probably heard it…

    How do you know if a person owns a Mac?
    They tell you.

    • missfitss says:

      And so the East Coast – West Coast hip hop rivalry starts… (Haha – you were thinking about my blog) 😉

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