Body (+t)Art

I’m and artist, but my body is a clean canvas. It is not that I don’t like tattoos – I love tattoos… on other people. It’s exactly like Jacaranda trees – beautiful purple-passion in your neighbour’s yard, but dirty, messy and annoying in your own.

It is like street art. Banksy is the shizniz. But you will never find me spray-painting satirical graphics laced with political views, on some poor sod’s building. Maybe it’s self-preservation, maybe it’s because I will feel used and dirty, maybe it’s a commitment issue, maybe I’m just not enough of a trend setting rebel…

I have recently found a reason to mess ink on my skin. I have spawned allergies out of thin air. If I come into contact with any of the following:

  1. Most metals (Copper, Steel, Nickel, Bronze – most alloys)
  2. Diclofenac (Anti-inflammatory drugs)
  3. iBuprofen (Anti-inflammatory drugs)
  4. Aspirin (Pain drugs)
  5. Bee Stings (Little kamikaze pilots from hell)

I swell up. I look like Marge Simpson / Angelina Jolie, depending on the symmetry of the allergic reaction. Obviously I can’t wear a medical aid bracelet, because I’m allergic to the surgical steel etc.

So how do I tell the paramedic what not to inject me with, when I get hit by a taxi on our volatile roads?
allergy tattoo
It is not the best solution or location for that matter – it has body-(+t)art written all over it. And you will most probably be lying on your crucial medical information in case of an accident. Branding your arm or leg however will not get you anywhere when you lose that branded limb. It will just look funny on my forehead, and “I’ve yet to see a CEO of a fortune 500 company that has facial tattoos”

I would appreciate any location advice. Any “do less” suggestions will be even better…


6 thoughts on “Body (+t)Art

  1. tcjacks says:

    I’d go for the inside of my palm. Usually people don’t expose this part of their body, its unnatural to walk or sit with your hands turned up/outward, but paramedics working to revive you would probably feel for a pulse and should notice the tattoo. Yes sure, if you loose a limb, the info is lost, but you can’t win them all.

  2. I know this is like a year old, and you may have already gotten the tat done, but if you (or other people) are still looking for recommendations for allergy tattoo locations, my opinion as a paramedic is on your front or left side. I have mine along my left rib cage. When paramedics are treating an unconscious person they will have to attach heart monitor leads around the heart (front & left side. This usually requires removal, or partial removal of the shirt.) so you can be sure they’ll see it.

    • ingemm says:

      Hey, no tats yet. And I had NO idea that allergy tattoos were actually a thing / that it had a market. I think your suggestion is brilliant, thanks!

  3. Lexy says:

    How do you expect to get a tattoo if you are allergic to surgical steel? the needles are made of a metal not plastic

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