My Creamy Kryptonite

Creamy Kryptonite

When it comes to moisturiser… Do less!

Chinese bamboo torture, Lingchi, a Cosa Nostra slowly sawing off my pinky, iron maiden, rat torture, sleep deprivation, solitary confinement… To me, these are on par with moisturiser between my fingers or toes. I will tell any gangster, exactly what they need to know and more, if threatened with a greasy-moisturiser-filled hand or foot message. The sensation and sound freaks me the hell out, so much so that I cringe when other people put lotion on their own hands.

I Googled moisturiser related sensory issues and abnormal hand lotion afflictions. I’m not sure if my Googling skills are weaksauce, or if I’m the only moisturiser-challenged person out there. It would be great if the moisturiser-challenged population was large enough to be Google-worthy. Cosmetics companies would be forced to invent a fast-evaporating, non-greasy, spray-on moisturiser.


5 thoughts on “My Creamy Kryptonite

  1. SoozyQ says:

    Completely relate to the feel of moisturiser, but you are on your own with the sound – LOL! easiest way to get me talking is to scrape ice along the side of ANYTHING – Got the gooseys just thinking of it…:)

    • ingemm says:

      HELL YEAH – I’m not alone! When I was preggers, the sound of sweeping freaked me the hell out. It felt like someone was grinding my teeth off. It went away though.

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