Marital Age Restriction PG-28

There should be an age restriction on marriage – couples in love, should only be allowed to marry each other when they are 28 or older.

Fairy tales indoctrinate society. Damsels in distress being rescued by princes on white horses, breeds gender-role expectations that are eating up modern marriages for breakfast. The second wave feminists worked tirelessly to transform the role of women in business. Feminists envisioned that women will educate themselves, pick a career path, and eliminate their dependencies on men. They didn’t quite think that men would have to participate at home, to make this new economic emancipation viable.

Equality in theory is wonderful. The egalitarian model of marriage, seems to be the new trend. It’s forced onto us by society and the economy. The husband in this model respects his wife’s work and shares in family life, never insisting on being in control based on financial earnings or gender.

Women work outside the home and then return to huge responsibilities at home with minimal or no help from the average husband or from social institutions. Many working mothers are overworked and exhausted, and some ultimately become bitter about their overburdened lives.

The reality is that in a world where married partners already work too hard and don’t spend enough time with each other, the addition of children to your life usually eats up the remaining physical and emotional energy you had for each other. Even when you love your children more than life itself, your natural devotion to your children will tear your marriage down to its bedrock.

Men and woman speak different languages, men are usually more logical, and woman are usually more emotional. Linguistic fluency between genders are rare. Even when spouses learn how to “communicate” with each other effectively, they are often surprised to find that they have major differences that are difficult to resolve.

Why only allow marriages when couples are 28 or older? Most people in their early 20’s are mentally disabled when it comes to relationships – Everything has a little “Limitless” glow around it. It’s fairy tales, butterflies and hearts. They believe that they are indestructible, and that every cloud has a silver lining. Today’s fast pace life, economical pressure and gender-role expectations, does not allow any room for young love, making big life-decisions.


8 thoughts on “Marital Age Restriction PG-28

    • ingemm says:

      Well generalisations are usually a tad dangerous… I can’t exactly mow down all men in one giant swoop? 😉 It’s wasn’t really the point of this post… maybe later?

  1. &rew says:

    Yeah, there’s a lot to be said for being more mature when you get married and we followed the rule (almost) but there are some points against worth noting.

    * A long-lasting marriage needs commitment and that is not age-dependent. In fact, I’d say that getting married late tends to help build a habit of not committing.

    * Having kids late in life means by the time they fly the coop you’ll be too old and worn out to go have some fun.

    * A long-lasting marriage depends on building strong bonds and the strongest bonds are built while you are young and malleable and enjoy new experiences together.

  2. ingemm says:

    “…I’d say that getting married late tends to help build a habit of not committing.” – Please elaborate.

    “Having kids late in life means by the time they fly the coop you’ll be too old and worn out to go have some fun.” – Either you have kids young, and hope you are agile enough to enjoy your old age with all your ‘money’, or you have them after you’ve done all the enjoyable things, that makes sense to the young and stupid. (Not a lot of 55+ enjoy backpacking Europe and bungee jumping off the Eiffel tower.)

    “…while you are young and malleable and enjoy new experiences together.” – I believe that you do not have to make a life long commitment to have awesome experiences together.

    • &rew says:

      Yes, of course you can have great new experiences together at any stage of your life but my my point is just that those bonds made while you are young have a special quality and tend to be stronger. I think it no accident that marriages lasted longer in days when people got married younger. But of course, that’s just one ingredient of the mix.

      Re building a habit of not committing, I’m thinking of all those middle-aged single people out there still going from one relationship to the next. That is a modern trend.

      • ingemm says:

        “I think it no accident that marriages lasted longer in days when people got married younger…” – Our discussion has come full circle. In the days when people got married younger, they were living in a completely different social environment than now. They had no internet, no social media – they had rules and religion. As a woman, you had no voice. Hence me writing a whole post on the pressures of the egalitarian model of marriage. At no instance am I condoning/promoting poor commitment morals. I am of the opinion that with our current environment, young people should live and learn before they build families.

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