I had the great fortune of spending three hours in traffic yesterday. Accidents have a way of turning most highways into a four lane parking lot. This drives me insane – I found myself going through the natural grief recovery steps:

1. Denial – “No, this can not be happening to me.”

2. Anger/Resentment – “GET OUT OF MY WAY! Don’t you dare! ARE you insane WOMAN!? Stop texting! MOVE ALREADY!”

3. Bargaining – “Perhaps I can take the next off-ramp, and try going through the suburbs.”

4. Depression – “The inroads are most probably clogged up too – I’m doomed…”

5. Acceptance – “FML”


4 thoughts on “Traffic

    • ingemm says:

      “When asked what they would do with the additional time if traffic eased, half of New York drivers said they would exercise.” HaHa

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