Fesignerd Tip #004 – Typography

Fesignerd Typography Tip for everyday users: There is nothing funny about Comic Sans. Don’t use it. Ever. If system fonts is your repertoire, stick to Arial, Calibri and Trebuchet. It’s not boring, it’s legible, professional and shows that you’re over 13.

Fesignerd Typography Tip for designers: So many free fonts, so little time. Most inexperienced designers find it pertinent to use their whole fontbook on a single design, like typography democrats. Stick to < 3 fonts per design. When you’re using 1 font, stick to < 3 different point sizes. Having 4 billion different fonts and font sizes on your design looks messy, unplanned and unbalanced.

Do less…


2 thoughts on “Fesignerd Tip #004 – Typography

  1. Bianca says:

    The worst is when adults use Comic Sans as their flippen email signature, i mean really get a grip!!!

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