Fesignerd’s Top 10 Pet Peeves Listicle

I hate puppy spam.

I hate it when a new roll of toilet paper is glued together so tight, it makes finding the start and end on scotch sticky tape seem easy. I hate it even more if you do manage to unravel that same loo paper on the unglued side, and somehow always get the short end.

I hate price stickers – You always need some volatile, highly flammable liquid to remove the sticky residue from your brand new [insert purchased product here].

I hate it when people in cars feel cloaked and safe enough, to pick their noses and teeth.

I hate it when people leave things open, like toothpaste.

I hate people who do not comprehend personal space.

I hate losing… at anything, to anyone.

I hate feeling stupid or uninformed.

I hate people who has the world on a silver platter, that choose not to take it.
(Usually pretty girls and 2nd/3rd generation rich boys. I hate generalising. *chuckle*)

I hate the Fox network for canceling Firefly.


21 thoughts on “Fesignerd’s Top 10 Pet Peeves Listicle

    • ingemm says:

      “Make love not war” was a 1960s counterculture slogan. They pioneered feminism, free speech, LSD, and Hippies. I was merely balancing my accumulative blog content, to a lesser hippie state, with a dash of hate.

    • &rew says:

      I hate it when you make a joke about hating something and some humourless half-wit lays a trip on you about being negative.

      • Mari says:

        Okey, so we are not talking about random toothpaste users here… Good.

        But isn’t that then communal toothpaste and not your toothpaste??
        Or am I just being difficult?

  1. Chèri says:

    I hate the bicycle at gym. It is is uncomfortable!!! it chews my F… Maybe a old fart like me should not be cycling.

  2. Chèri says:

    OOOppps forgot to take my name out!!! That’s what happens when you get old-timers-disease.

  3. Chèri says:

    Every time before I go to gym I get my old photos out where I was sexy, then I look in the mirror, and I hate that bloody mirror.

  4. &rew says:

    Hey, Fes, do you also hate it when people *has* the gall to correct your grammar, because it seems they all *deems it * too scary to make you feel stupid or uninformed?
    (wicked laughter echoing through cyberspace)

  5. &rew says:

    Here’s a serious one:
    I hate it when people say “That’s your opinion” or “You’re entitled to your opinion.” It’s a truism said for rhetorical purposes. They only say that when they disagree with you and it’s a lazy-headed excuse to not engage with the actual opinion. It’s also an insult because it implies your opinion is not worth engaging with. It makes the disagreement personal, all about who’s opinion it is. The opinion itself is ignored. It’s really just a nice way of saying FU. If you want to show respect, treat me as a rational human being and engage with my reasons.

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