Office jokes continued…

About two months ago I posted “Office jokes practical?” – I mentioned there that you needed a fashionably current, awesomesauce manager to keep your office lighthearted yet productive…

It was our manager’s 30th birthday yesterday, and we decided to do something special.

The plan:
We wanted to do the epic balloons-to-the-roof-office prank. I roughly measured his office: 3m(width) x 4.5m(Length) x 3m(Height) = 40.5m³ – An average balloon is approximately 20cm. I estimated, with air pockets, that you roughly fit about 64 balloons in 1m³ = 2592 balloons total. About 2000 more than our designer minds had envisioned… We also had an idea that a 12 volt mattress pump would do all the blowing for us, so three of us brought pumps from home.

The camaraderie:
We bought 600 balloons and the 12V mattress pump, turned out to be THE most useless tool for balloon inflation, ever. We had to manually inflate 600 balloons:

Balloon Blow

The Playpen:
600 Balloons were not nearly enough balloons to have the desired effect. My designer maths were pretty crack – We ended up with a balloon playpen rather than an epic balloons-to-the-roof-office.

The Playpen

Heaps of fun never the less.

Jump and Fly:
iPhone has a game called Jump and Fly. It is by far, the most played game on my phone. We have a mini office league. My manager holds the top score: 306 372 (45th in the world). A friend of mine baked him a Jump and Fly cake.

Jump and Fly Cake

Office XP:
Average office volume calculation +3
12v Mattress inflator usages -1
General lung capacity +5
Balloon knots +8
Dirty blow jokes +4
Basic office camaraderie +2
Driving with a two tier cake +1

**Level up**


Fesignerd’s quote of the day:

Communism: You weep what you sow

Fesignerd’s Emo quote of the day:

I’m so happy, I could cut smileys on my wrists!