Office jokes continued…

About two months ago I posted “Office jokes practical?” – I mentioned there that you needed a fashionably current, awesomesauce manager to keep your office lighthearted yet productive…

It was our manager’s 30th birthday yesterday, and we decided to do something special.

The plan:
We wanted to do the epic balloons-to-the-roof-office prank. I roughly measured his office: 3m(width) x 4.5m(Length) x 3m(Height) = 40.5m³ – An average balloon is approximately 20cm. I estimated, with air pockets, that you roughly fit about 64 balloons in 1m³ = 2592 balloons total. About 2000 more than our designer minds had envisioned… We also had an idea that a 12 volt mattress pump would do all the blowing for us, so three of us brought pumps from home.

The camaraderie:
We bought 600 balloons and the 12V mattress pump, turned out to be THE most useless tool for balloon inflation, ever. We had to manually inflate 600 balloons:

Balloon Blow

The Playpen:
600 Balloons were not nearly enough balloons to have the desired effect. My designer maths were pretty crack – We ended up with a balloon playpen rather than an epic balloons-to-the-roof-office.

The Playpen

Heaps of fun never the less.

Jump and Fly:
iPhone has a game called Jump and Fly. It is by far, the most played game on my phone. We have a mini office league. My manager holds the top score: 306 372 (45th in the world). A friend of mine baked him a Jump and Fly cake.

Jump and Fly Cake

Office XP:
Average office volume calculation +3
12v Mattress inflator usages -1
General lung capacity +5
Balloon knots +8
Dirty blow jokes +4
Basic office camaraderie +2
Driving with a two tier cake +1

**Level up**


8 thoughts on “Office jokes continued…

    • ingemm says:

      Blow joke XP +5 DBO. 🙂 (I gave you 5, because it was the first ‘clean’ blow joke of the day)

  1. Chèri says:

    Shu a lot of hot air being blown in that office. Who were the best blowers? If Mari was in your office she would have won hands down. She can blow allllll the water out of Marico Oog!!! He he he

  2. ingemm says:

    We should perhaps have some reward system next time… It would up the blowing performance. [Insert Blowing Bounty Here]

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