Fantasy polygamist cult

I’d have Ryan Reynolds as my Monday Husband. (I need funny on a Monday)

I’d have Christian Bale as my Tuesday Husband. (Dark and twisty Tuesdays)

I’d have Colin Firth as my Wednesday Husband. (Witty Wednesday)

I’d have Jude Law as my Thursday Husband. (Talented Thursdays)

I’d have Josh Duhamel as my Friday Husband. (Fun fun fun Fridays)

My husband can stay for the weekends… 😛

Who would you have in your fantasy polygamist cult?


Black Tuesday

Black Tuesday, the darkest day for South African democracy since 1994.

Members of parliament will almost certainly pass the protection of information bill, otherwise known as the “secrecy bill”. The South African public will be deprived of free information.

Military intelligence, like weapon designs, could make us vulnerable if leaked. But we have not been reading about these topics in our newspapers. We have indulged in a feast of corruption, shady arms deals and financial scandals. Stuff that makes Nixon look like a toddler.

The ANC is now attempting to muzzle our press. The new laws would make it a crime to leak, possess or publish information deemed classified by the government, with whistleblowers and journalists facing up to 25 years in jail. Surely this bill is in direct conflict of the international human rights laws?

The apartheid government muzzled our newspapers. I thought all the political violence in our country happened in the name of freedom. Freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and association. Robert Mugabe pulled the same move as he has steadily eroded the freedoms of his people. It’s frightening that we do not learn from our mistakes.

As a blogger, I rarely write about politics or government related topics. But if times should get tough, I would like to have a voice.

I’m joining my first protest – I’m wearing black today.

Steamless Blogging – Winter is coming

Winter is coming, my blog is dying

My space for reflection and opinion has met its first autumn. My blog sprung to existence six months ago. It was budding with youth, opinions, polls and endless ideas. There were no expectations. It was my space, it was my place, until summer came…

It was hot. The moon decided to hide behind our blue planet. The lunar eclipse post was my summer solstice. The stats changed me… It wasn’t astronomical, but all the foreign attention felt warm and fuzzy. I wanted to bottle it, and pour it over me when I had cold, lonely days. I wanted it to last forever.

The warm and fuzzy stats sizzled out fast. I tried different topics: serious; funny; listicles; infographics; quote of the day; culinary skills; tech humour; design tips; kids; tattoos; I even got angry about the irrelevant. These posts looked like shadows compared to the shiny lunar post.

The leaves turned red, the posts grew less, and the fear of a cold blog-death consumed me. Nothing I did felt like it put me on the grid and blog-killing excuses came easy: “I’m not a writer, I am a designer and my graphic posts have not been earth shattering” / “I don’t have time” / “I’m doing this for the wrong reason – stats should be irrelevant” / “I have no clear theme, it’s too difficult to please everyone.”

This is not an evergreen blog and winter is coming.

I hope winter slays all my expectations.