Fantasy polygamist cult

I’d have Ryan Reynolds as my Monday Husband. (I need funny on a Monday)

I’d have Christian Bale as my Tuesday Husband. (Dark and twisty Tuesdays)

I’d have Colin Firth as my Wednesday Husband. (Witty Wednesday)

I’d have Jude Law as my Thursday Husband. (Talented Thursdays)

I’d have Josh Duhamel as my Friday Husband. (Fun fun fun Fridays)

My husband can stay for the weekends… 😛

Who would you have in your fantasy polygamist cult?


30 thoughts on “Fantasy polygamist cult

  1. SoozyQ says:

    Definitely not Colin Firth, Farrel maybe, but Firth is a NO!!! I think Josh could go to Wednesdays and Colin Farrel to Fridays as he looks like he could be more fun 🙂

    I am not picky, Ryan would do for the whole week.

    • ingemm says:

      Ryan should be shared. No one can handle a whole week full of Ryan. Who would you trade in for a Tom Selleck? I know you’re a fan…

  2. tcjacks says:

    Sheesh, really trying to get us into trouble here. I would have my husband every day of the week, I mean really, what are you talking about 😉

    • ingemm says:

      I’m sure he is not reading my blog. And you didn’t specify weekends. What are you doing weekends?

  3. LittleDeadRed says:

    Monday and Tuesday for sure! mmm too yummy!!! I would have Jason Momoa for Wed, JoeManJello for Thurs and Adam Darski for Friday! TOO YUMMY!

  4. SoozyQ says:

    Tom Selleck is waning compared to the new talent on the block although those Magnum shorts are too sexy…you can have Ryan Tuesdays and Thursdays, I think i need him more than you…

  5. Corene says:

    Monday is a real man day: Gerard Butler
    Mysterious Tuesday: Zachary Quinto
    Funny stupid Wednesday: Ashton Kutcher
    Hot and steamy Thursday: Orlando Bloom
    Daring Friday: Channing Tatum

    If only…

  6. Mari says:

    I have the following men in mind.
    George Clooney
    Gerard Butler
    Jared Leto
    Josh Duhamel
    Bradley Cooper

    I have not allocated days yet, I am still day dreaming….

  7. tcjacks says:

    Ok, ok in some alternate universe, here goes:
    The blue Monday pick me upper: Robert Pattinson – apparently he has a good sense of humor, if not he could just sit there and look hot
    Tremendous Tuesday: Paul Walker – What can be better that a terrific six pack on a Tuesday
    Wacky Wednesday: Johhny depp – Need I say more
    Talented Thursday: Ryan Tedder of One republic – A lovely afternoon of music, sigh
    Fiery Fridays: Robert Pattinson, again – because there is no need to go to sleep early

    • ingemm says:

      I’m glad you picked your own variety. This way we won’t have to arm wrestle for times and dates. 😉

  8. Stephen says:

    1. Why do you need to alliterate your husbands and days of the week. .

    2. Jude Law? Talented? Really? Is this 2003?

    • ingemm says:

      1. I’m no pro at polygamy. If I have to entertain 6 husbands I will need some kind of time management system.
      2. Lets not pick on Jude Hmmkeyyy… You may pick on Jude, when you have your fantasy polygamy schedule up.

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