Valentines Shmalentines – 10 Reasons why we hate today.

Valentines infested red planet
I am someone who gets lost in a fantasy book. I’m the type of girl that absolutely loves any space opera. I love games, scuba and almost anything that helps me break away from the real world. I love getting lost in worlds that do not exist, or worlds that are not accessible to everyone.

The red planet, filled with winged-rangers armed to the teeth with heart shaped arrows, petrifies me however. It’s scarier than Morgoth or any Romulan. I think it’s a day filled with expectations, and expectation breeds disappointment. Being an antivalentine is just one of my many idiosyncrasies.

I’m not alone in my antivalentinism. There are so many dark and twisties out there, hatin’ today in unison, all having their own special reasons:

1.) It’s a money making racket. It’s a commercialized cabal between greeting card companies, florists, jewelers and chocolatiers.
2.) It’s a day that our screwed up fairytale upbringing forces us to find a mate, to appear normal.
3.) Everyday should be a day to spoil your spouse. Rather go to an empty restaurant on the 15th?
4.) It’s a day of expectations, and not love.
5.) It makes me feel even lonelier than I actually am. Happy being single awareness day. Down with Couple-talism!
6.) I’m always the only one trying to make the day special.
7.) It puts too much pressure on men. It’s the middle of the damn month, how do you impress someone with this bank balance?
8.) It makes women seem cheap. You buy their affection with endless gifts.
9.) Only the pretty girls/ jocks had secret admirers/stalkers in school.
10.) I hate roses.

Whatever your reasons, this day of hurling chocolate hearts only lasts one day. It makes some people break away from the real world, and for the rest of us, it makes the real world even more real…
*Deep breaths*
Valentines day freaks – Do Less.


35 thoughts on “Valentines Shmalentines – 10 Reasons why we hate today.

  1. I think it is a day were some effort can be put in, and I don’t mean going out for dinner, getting showered with gifts and dressing up in red, but if you are in a relationship it can be seen as a day to show your partner that you still like him/her. A lot of people say you can do that everyday, but do you? I see this day as society giving you a little push, and do something that make you happy, and not because you want something in return. Every couple have their thing that they enjoy, whether it is playing computer games together, cooking an extra nice dinner or going to a movie. Make it personal, but hell just do something……

    • ingemm says:

      So… honestly now. Are you liking today? Do you feel special? Has society’s little push, done anything positive for you today?

      • I don’t have a problem with today at all, I don’t let it get to me. Anything positive? Yes, I see my cousins wife ecstatic about the flower she got (as one example). People at work wishing everyone a happy valentines day and it creates a good office day. Go on to any social media site and you notice happy people enjoying the day. The day feels lighter and easier, but it won’t if you don’t look at it in a light, easy way.

      • If you feel forced to do anything then don’t, you wont enjoy it in any case.

        But doing something small, even it if is buy a chocolate for yourself, will make you feel happier today. I think that is all the day is about for me. Don’t something different than any other day, just to add some love and appreciation to the day.

      • ingemm says:

        *Chews on a mint crisp chocky* Hmmm… still tastes the same as yesterday.

  2. RV says:

    For someone who hasnt had a proper Valentines day in years, this is just another day of the year.

    But, holding thumbs for next year though!

  3. Corene says:

    This is just a fun day to share some love… I enjoy yes you have expectations but I expect something perfect to happen every day. Today is just to inspire us to go the extra mile…

  4. Steve says:

    Yeah I think you are overthinking this. Valentines, Anniversaries, Birthdays they are all just days that remind you to put a little bit of effort in. Feel some love Ingemm. Also I found out I am having a baby girl today so how can I hate that day?

    • ingemm says:

      Anniversaries & Birthdays are legit reasons to celebrate. I respect the lifespan of things, it’s precious. Congratulations on your little pink princess – You’re the only one allowed to puke rainbows today. For your next birthday, I’ll try to buy you a Ron Swanson shotgun. *Golden*

      • ingemm says:

        Never be a hoarder or a miser about it. Before you can say “Tammi one”, you’re going to start burying gold*fish. 😉

  5. Corene says:

    I just had my perfect moment… And that is what this day is made of a feeling like this!!! 🙂

  6. Corene says:

    Whether you take it seriously or roll your eyes at Valentine’s Day, you might as well embrace it. You can’t avoid February 14th every year no matter how hard you try. 🙂

    • ingemm says:

      YEY it’s the 15th of February! Hooray for empty restaurants and half priced chocolate hearts!

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