Battling to find a job?

With South Africa’s unemployment rate at an 11-year high, it is easy to blame everything except yourself. South Africa’s economy only grew 1,5% in 2014 because of labour strikes in the mining sector and the dark looming cloud we call Eskom. Government uses our tax money to bail out ‘Mordor’ around every corner, and in turn they keep on hiking tariffs and crippling businesses with power cuts.

But for a lot of you, this is not the reason you are unemployed…

Economists say the rate of unemployment amongst people under 25 years of age, is more than 50%.

This should make things very clear to everyone.  In the past, it has been seen time and time again, in the economic downfalls of many other developed nations, that an entitlement attitude can be the force that drives a nation to economic desperation.

So we are pretty much surrounded by kids who were raised to think they are somehow special – irrespective of their actual accomplishments. Instead of parents perpetuating a sense of hard work and pride in self-progress, we now have a thicket of Numpties.

Here are 5 general traits of an entitled Numpty:

  1. Demand respect instead of proving their worth through positive actions
  2. Demand rewards that aren’t in line with their actual ability and effort levels
  3. No responsibility – Strong resistance toward accepting negative feedback & Blame evasion
  4. Narcissist – Inflated view of themselves
  5. Arrogant

If this is you… You need all the help you can get. Here are some doable tips to help you get and keep that job:

  1. SHOW UP TO the interview – Not a lot of you guys do this part… It’s shocking.
  2. Seriously SHOW UP – and if you get this job – keep on SHOWING UP on time, every time
  3. Make sure you understand what they expect from you
  4. Make sure you can actually do this. “I’m doing my best” and failing to do your job is insufficient. “Do or do not, there is no try…” – Yoda
  5. Do exactly what is expected from you during the time they pay you to be there
  6. There is no negotiation – I know it feels like prostitution, but this is the business agreement you signed. You work for (x) hours – They pay you for (x) hours. Don Draper said it best!
  7. Do more – If you want to BE the person society made you to believe you are, by inflating your tiny ego, you need to excel above the thicket of numpties around you. It’s not hard, they’re all busy doing nothing, and expecting everything for it.
  8. Listen to feedback. Good or Bad, feedback is your map to improve on the status quo
  9. Think before you speak. Only use your voice if you could add value to a situation.
  10. No excuses – Own up to your failures. Learn from it.

It is really easy to blame everything except yourself. I think a little tip for all of us is to stop the blame game. I agree, everyday feels like a Cell C Dog Ad, but moaning really doesn’t add value to any situation.


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