20 of my favourite Beatles songs

Beatles - Inge Malan

Someone asked me the other day what my favourite Beatles song was. Picking a favourite Beatles song to me, is like picking a favourite colour, near impossible. I find too many variables in both situations, like application and emotion. I told this someone I would give them a list of my top 20, and wow, this still proved tricky. I have 5+ songs on reserves that didn’t make the cut, that’s haunting me… Anyhoo here goes:

For No One
Fool on the hill (Magical Mystery Tour)
Let it Be (Let it be)
Drive my car (Rubber Soul)
Here There and Everywhere (Revolver)
I want you (Abbey Road)
Michelle (Rubber Soul)
Hey Jude (Hey Jude)
I’m only sleeping (Revolver)
Come together (Abbey Road)
Across the universe (Let it Be)
Something (Abbey Road)
Norwegian wood (Rubber Soul)
Blackbird (The White Album)
Girl (Rubber Soul)
Tomorrow Never Knows (Revolver)
Eleanor Rigby (Revolver)
Because (Abbey Road)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The White Album)
Yesterday (Help)

Any guesses on my 5 reserve songs?


Fantasy polygamist cult

I’d have Ryan Reynolds as my Monday Husband. (I need funny on a Monday)

I’d have Christian Bale as my Tuesday Husband. (Dark and twisty Tuesdays)

I’d have Colin Firth as my Wednesday Husband. (Witty Wednesday)

I’d have Jude Law as my Thursday Husband. (Talented Thursdays)

I’d have Josh Duhamel as my Friday Husband. (Fun fun fun Fridays)

My husband can stay for the weekends… 😛

Who would you have in your fantasy polygamist cult?

Moulding a metro-man

d00d with w00l = dr00l

I’m fascinated by the human mating game. We take something so very simple and complicate the shit out of it. I have not been playing this game for about 9 years, but I’ve been watching my singletonian friends. Sometimes you see a few things from the sidelines, that you don’t see while you’re playing the game. I blame us women. We never know what we want, until we know what we don’t want. To make things a bit easier for the guys, I asked the ladies some physical appearance questions:

“What makes you look twice?”
#1) He should be funny.
#2) He should be tall, dark and handsome.
#3) He should have kind eyes.
#4) He should be rich with a sports car.
#5) He should have a hot smile.
#6) He should be confident.
#7) He should be an asshole.
#8) He should like kids.
#9) He should be smart.
#10) He should have large shoulders.

Obviously these answers were not helping anyone. 80% of these answers were relying on genes. It seems the ladies were trying to think like men… So I edited the question a little:

“What makes you look twice? – It has to be something you can physically touch or buy”
#1) Cologne – 90% of the girls raved about guys that smell nice. (“Do less” though)
#2) Muscles/Guns – Apparently you can ‘buy’ those at a gym.
#3) Short clean nails / clean, nice hands.
#4) Clean nice shoes.
#5) Tight Jeans – Assets Assets Assets.
#6) Musicians – Any instrument will do.
#7) Tattoos / Piercings.
#8) A Hoody / The “Dear John” effect.
#9) Airplane tickets – cause a beach makes men look better.
#10) A tight shirt.

Obviously clean, and smelling like it, is where it’s at for me too… but my red kryptonite would be knitwear. When a man wears a sweater/jersey, wool against skin. *sigh* There is just something about a rugged man in soft wool that make me go a little gaga. Doods in wool, makes me drool. 😉

Girls did I miss anything important?

Lunar Eclipse Photos 15 June 2011

Lunar Eclipse 15 June 2011 © Inge Malan (My Moon My Man - Feist)

Total Lunar Eclipse Photos (15 June 2011 – Johannesburg) ©-Inge Malan (My Moon My Man – Feist)

Top 10: Striptease Songs

#Pole dancing classes are the latest fitness fad, and my friends are quickly trading in their nervous giggles, for “I’d give it a shot.” Somehow the majority of woman have been brainwashed to think pole dancing is as good for your core muscles, as “The Grand’s” head chef. Hell, even my super-curiosity has me asking a few questions, like:

  1. What does one wear – Is it possible to keep your teeth, AND hang upside-down, whilst wearing hotsauce stockings?
  2. Do you get to pick your own music – What music would I pick?

Obviously lame-ass tv stripcheese like: “Leave your hat on”, “You Sexy Thing”, “Toxic” or any Britney song for that matter, would be an instant Error 403.

Miss Fits Top 10 hotlist to follow:

Think I’ve missed a saucy song? Feel free to comment. 😉

Bucket (-B)(+F) list

Bucket list / To-do-list before I kick the bucket, in random order:

1.)Achieve an ideal weight
2.)Go skiing
3.)Be a mentor to someone
4.)Listen to Sigur Rós while Scuba diving
5.)Learn to play an instrument – preferably stand up bass
6.)Win a National Geographic photo competition
7.)See the Northern lights
8.)Do a Eurotrip
9.)Be on Forbes list of billionares
10.)See snow
11.)Watch cherry blossoms in Japan
12.)Fly first class
13.)Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
14.)Ryan Reynolds / Josh Hartnett / Jensen Ackles / Jared Leto
15.)Scuba dive with a whale shark
16.)Civilian space travel
17.)Buy/Own an Island
18.)Climb a mountain
19.)Do my advanced scuba diving course
20.)Write a blog book

Did I miss anything?