Fesignerd Tip #004 – Typography

Fesignerd Typography Tip for everyday users: There is nothing funny about Comic Sans. Don’t use it. Ever. If system fonts is your repertoire, stick to Arial, Calibri and Trebuchet. It’s not boring, it’s legible, professional and shows that you’re over 13.

Fesignerd Typography Tip for designers: So many free fonts, so little time. Most inexperienced designers find it pertinent to use their whole fontbook on a single design, like typography democrats. Stick to < 3 fonts per design. When you’re using 1 font, stick to < 3 different point sizes. Having 4 billion different fonts and font sizes on your design looks messy, unplanned and unbalanced.

Do less…


Fesignerd’s awesomesauce pancakes

Sweet Pancakes

Awesomesauce Pancake Recipe
420 g cake flour
3 ml salt
4 eggs
750 ml water (I find milk makes your pancakes sticky)
50 ml sunflower oil
30 ml brandy
Extra sunflower oil for frying

How to pancakes

  1. Sift the flour and salt together.
  2. Beat the eggs, water, oil and brandy together. Stir into dry ingredients and beat until smooth. Cover and allow to rest for 60 minutes.
  3. Add a few drops of oil or butter to a preheated non-stick frying pan. Tilt the pan to cover the base with the oil.
  4. Using a tomato sauce bottle, squeeze little patterns into your preheated non-stick frying pan. Cook until bubbles appear and the surface appears dry. Flip the pancake and cook until golden.

How to awesomesauce pancakes

Place scoops of ice cream on your super cool shaped pancake. Add a few slices of banana. Repeat this layering as many times as you wish. On your top layer, add whipped cream and chocolate sauce:

Awesomesauce pancakes

Awesomesauce Savory Pancakes
Fill your super cool shaped pancakes with chicken-mayo and bacon strips:

Savory pancakes

Awesomesauce Halloween Pancakes
Make web-shaped pancakes. Decorate them with ice cream, cream and icing spiders:

Halloween pancakesHalloween pancakes how to

Design – Designation or Prostitution?

Design Marionette

Designers are not the only victims when it comes to client abuse. I realise that there are several designations where clients feel they pay us to be their monkey-wrenches. As I get a bit older, I realise that a lot of this abuse is frustration caused by a combination of miscommunication, inexperience and immaturity.

As a student, I had passed most subjects cum laude. I came first nationally in most my subjects. I was unbreakable. I was not going to let anyone tell me how to do my job, even if they paid me all the money in the world. As a young designer, I was cocky and supremely self assured. I was building my portfolio, and I wanted it to reflect my skills, not my clients skills. My attitude was way more destructive than productive. I was telling anyone who was willing to listen how unfair the design-world was: “No one would tell a dentist to do their job.” & “Why does every creatively-challenged retard think they’re a designer?” & “Why does every client want to change things, just to put their fingerprint on my perfectly balanced design.”

Obviously the bounty for being a childish, enraged, ill-equipped designer was not very high. My bullheadedness did not result in phenomenal communication skills either. I felt like a prostitute every time I had to give in to a clients design opinion. I felt used, and I fought them as much as I could. I had misplaced inexperience and immaturity for passion and pride.

I am by no means cured from all my bullheadedness. I’m still confident in my work. I have learned however that clients are people, that pay for a product. A clients bad taste does not make you a prostitute – It makes him a tricky client. You need patience, you need good communication skills, and you need to learn how to compromise. You need to fight less and sell more. Always remember, when clients drive you insane with unrealistic expectations – Woosah…

Do less.

Fesignerd Tip #002 – Choosing a company name

When picking a company name, stay away from swiss-army-words for company names. There are usually like 30 spectacularly different ways to get your new name wrong.

Case name: “ulikem.com” (Supposed to sound like: “You like them”, but could be read as “You lick ehm”)
How people could get it wrong: youlikem.com/ulickem.com/youlickem.com/youlikehm etc.

If you have some graphic magic to make your “ulikem” stick to the front lobe of your target market, go for it. I would love to learn your tricks

Multifunctional is rarely functional. Do less…