20 of my favourite Beatles songs

Beatles - Inge Malan

Someone asked me the other day what my favourite Beatles song was. Picking a favourite Beatles song to me, is like picking a favourite colour, near impossible. I find too many variables in both situations, like application and emotion. I told this someone I would give them a list of my top 20, and wow, this still proved tricky. I have 5+ songs on reserves that didn’t make the cut, that’s haunting me… Anyhoo here goes:

For No One
Fool on the hill (Magical Mystery Tour)
Let it Be (Let it be)
Drive my car (Rubber Soul)
Here There and Everywhere (Revolver)
I want you (Abbey Road)
Michelle (Rubber Soul)
Hey Jude (Hey Jude)
I’m only sleeping (Revolver)
Come together (Abbey Road)
Across the universe (Let it Be)
Something (Abbey Road)
Norwegian wood (Rubber Soul)
Blackbird (The White Album)
Girl (Rubber Soul)
Tomorrow Never Knows (Revolver)
Eleanor Rigby (Revolver)
Because (Abbey Road)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The White Album)
Yesterday (Help)

Any guesses on my 5 reserve songs?


The Graeme Watkins Project & Jesse Clegg

SATURDAY 25 June 2011 – River Deck

Jozi was dishing out the frostiest weekend of the year, and I thought dancing to some seriously cool, live tunes would warm me up. I picked up my friend Mari, and we braved the night kitted with 7 layers of clothes each. (Mari made me promise that I would not go into too much apparel detail)

The Graeme Watkins Project (GWP)


I had heard a song or two on the radio by GWP, and I think their “Music Affair” video, is the seriously hawt – It looks a little like Panic at the Disco, but sounds a little like Franz Ferdinand. They’re definitely doing something haven’t tried locally, and I love it. Graeme, runner-up of SA Idols Season 5 in 2009, had a supremely cool stage presence. It takes a special kind of strange to warm up a cold room like that. He was rocking it. The band consists of 3 phenomenal musicians: Ryno Zeelie – Lead Guitar (Turns out we went to school together), Rudo Pieterse – Bass and Matthew Marinus – drums.

*Watch this [               ] – these d00ds are going places!

Jesse Clegg turned out to be way more rocky than I expected. I’ve never seen anyone have that much fun on a stage. I was surprised by two things. The first being a cover of “Sinnerman” by Nina Simone. It was really cool. The second, he is only 23. He is young,  talented, and looking so comfortable with all of it. *respect

Both these bands are heating up venues all over Johannesburg this coming month. Layer up, and go see them!

The Naked and Famous is awesomesauce!

The Naked and Famous

New Zealand has been musically mute for a little more than a decade. They have not managed to top a chart in their own country for 16 years. They have flipped 180 degrees by birthing a rediculously cool quintet called The Naked and Famous. Their first studio album, “Passive Me, Aggressive You”, was released 6 September 2010 and I’ve literally spent days listening to it.

The Naked and Famous members (For lack of a better word) are:
David Beadle, Thom Powers, Aaron Short, Jesse Wood, Alisa Xayalith

The Naked and Famous’ record collections would appear to include The xxesque guy-girl harmonies, the shoegaze sounds of  Slowdive, the synth-popness straight from the 80’s like MGMT / Imogen Heap, and the distorted electronica of Chemical Brothers. Bubble bubble toil and trouble, sounds like a disasterous musical concoction of sonic rubble. No siree! It’s magic.

Fesignerds highest ranking tracks:
No way | Punching in a dream | The sun | Girls like you | Young blood | All of this

The Naked and Famous is awesomesauce! Give it a listen and let me know what you think.