Office jokes continued…

About two months ago I posted “Office jokes practical?” – I mentioned there that you needed a fashionably current, awesomesauce manager to keep your office lighthearted yet productive…

It was our manager’s 30th birthday yesterday, and we decided to do something special.

The plan:
We wanted to do the epic balloons-to-the-roof-office prank. I roughly measured his office: 3m(width) x 4.5m(Length) x 3m(Height) = 40.5m³ – An average balloon is approximately 20cm. I estimated, with air pockets, that you roughly fit about 64 balloons in 1m³ = 2592 balloons total. About 2000 more than our designer minds had envisioned… We also had an idea that a 12 volt mattress pump would do all the blowing for us, so three of us brought pumps from home.

The camaraderie:
We bought 600 balloons and the 12V mattress pump, turned out to be THE most useless tool for balloon inflation, ever. We had to manually inflate 600 balloons:

Balloon Blow

The Playpen:
600 Balloons were not nearly enough balloons to have the desired effect. My designer maths were pretty crack – We ended up with a balloon playpen rather than an epic balloons-to-the-roof-office.

The Playpen

Heaps of fun never the less.

Jump and Fly:
iPhone has a game called Jump and Fly. It is by far, the most played game on my phone. We have a mini office league. My manager holds the top score: 306 372 (45th in the world). A friend of mine baked him a Jump and Fly cake.

Jump and Fly Cake

Office XP:
Average office volume calculation +3
12v Mattress inflator usages -1
General lung capacity +5
Balloon knots +8
Dirty blow jokes +4
Basic office camaraderie +2
Driving with a two tier cake +1

**Level up**


Office jokes practical?

It’s clear that creative people can’t be all-work and no-play when you take a closer look at our in-house agency. I think most people in the workplace needs that spoonful-of-sugar in their dark-and-twisty day to day routine. It builds camaraderie. The team-spirit most offices try to achieve, by having “Secret-Santas”. The good stuff that makes everyone want to work for their company. It is a balancing act. You need decent work ethic, and an office that produces great results, to justify the time wasted on practical jokes. A final key-aspect to a lighthearted office would be a dynamic, uber tech specialist, fashionably current, awesomesauce manager.

Over the last few months our company has built quite a nice portfolio of prankage:

1.)News clad office
My manager went on honeymoon for two weeks, and our office was without power for a day. After two hours, the blessed-with-batteries laptop folk, joined the fleet of desktop boredom. A team of us, armed with tape and newspapers, covered his office:
News Clad Office

2.)Optical Illusion
This optical mouse trap has been successful more than once. Both co-workers rebooted their PC’s when their mouses stopped working:
Mouse Trap

3.)The infamous BSOD
Our manager had mentioned on several occasions that we must lock our PC’s when we are away from them. He messed around on our desktops changing wallpapers, changing peoples screen orientations and so forth, just to make a point. I designed this BSOD for him, set it as his desktop and hid his icons and taskbar:
Blue screen of Death
It resulted in a reboot. *chuckle*

4.)Schizo signature
Same manager, different day. I changed his signature to Parks and Recreation star Ron Swanson.The Swanson
Swanson was not the only signature scam. On another occasion, I changed Stephen to Stefan. Needless to say, he locks his computer now.

5.)Ctrl+Alt+[Arrow Key]
Changes screen orientation in Windows:
Upside down

6.)Photoshopping – The only shopping I like…
Obviously a design studio has tools, talent and photo galleries to defend themselves against any office onslaughts.
*”Uber Tech Specialist”:
Uber Tech Specialist

*”Broke Back Mountain”:
Broke back David

*”The Peeper”
"The Peeper"


I’m looking forward to your punk’d stories, inspiration and comments. This would be one of the few times that I would refrain from the usual “do less” and rather up the farewell ante to: do more.

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The Tale of an Epic Fail

It was a cold winter afternoon. ‘The Boss’ visited the design studio and left his water bottle on my desk – This was not the first time. I decided to hold the bottle ransom. I calculated that it would be worth a fair amount of media…
I suddenly remembered that I had some clear gelatine at home, and giggled evilly. I imagined ‘The Boss’ trying to take a sip from his solid water. Yes this would be better than holding the bottle ransom.
home mix
I switched on the kettle, quoted a bit of Macbeth: “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble”, and concocted my evil gelatine potion. I crossed my fingers that I got the quantities exactly right, for the perfect wobbly consistency. It had to look like solid water. In the morning, I rushed to the fridge to find my super evil plan did not go exactly as planned.
solid junk
k=junk 2
When I got to work I washed the bottle, and decided to confess, in the hope that my good deeds would get me some media.

Technically, I saved ‘The Boss’ bottle. Right? And I washed it…